A Brief History of Yoga

An introduction to history of yoga and different paths and schools of yoga. You will understand the difference between contemporary and ancient practices of yoga

  1. What is Yoga?

  2. What is the purpose of Yoga?

  3. Brief Introduction to ancient yogic practices

    1. Raja Yoga

    2. Karma Yoga

    3. Bhakti Yoga

    4. Jnana Yoga

  4. Introduction to contemporary yoga styles

  5. Modern vs Traditional Yoga

Yogic Lifestyle and Ethics

In this session you will be introduced to yogic lifestyle. You will get familiar with yogic diet, sleep and internal and external yogic disciplines known as yama & niyama and how they effect your daily lifestyle and their importance in yogic practice.


  1. Ahimsa - Non-violence

  2. Satya - Truthfulness

  3. Asteya - Non-stealing

  4. Brahmacharya - Moderation of the senses

  5. Aparigraha - Non-possesiveness


  1. Saucha - Purity

  2. Santosha - Contentment

  3. Tapas - Self-discipline

  4. Swadhyaya - Self-study

  5. Ishvara Pranidhana - Self-surrender

Anatomy and Physiology

In yoga practice while practicing yourself or teaching it to someone else one of the big question most us come across is when we should continue pushing ourselves towards the goals we have set to achieve an asana or when should we stop to prevent any injury that may happen during this process.

In this session student will get clear picture of anatomy and physiology in respect of yogic practice so they can understand that not two bodies are the same and based on individual we can plan a program or have a safer and progressive attitude toward the practice so its healthy and sustainable.

In this course the topics will include:

  1. Joint compression vs Muscular Tension

  2. Functional Anatomy

  3. Bones and Skeleton

  4. Joints Types

  5. Ligaments, Tendons and Skeletal Muscles

  6. Fascia

  7. Spine - Central nervous system and Spinal Discs

Philosophy of Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga

In this session you will be introduced to yogic philosophy and science. The topics will include:

  1. Introduction to Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga

  2. The Five Koshas

  3. The Vayus

  4. The Nadis

  5. The Seven Chakras

  6. Breath and breathing patterns

  7. Types of Breathing

  8. Introduction to Bandhas

Asana Practicum

In these practice based sessions you will practice and learn depth of yoga cleansing process known as kriyas, asana, pranayama and meditation practices. Topics will include:


  1. Jala Neti

  2. Kapalbhati

  3. Bhastrika


  1. Surya Namaskara: Sun Salutations

  2. Standing Asanas

  3. Backbends

  4. Twist and Hip Openers

  5. Forward Bends

  6. Core

  7. Arm Balances

  8. Inversion


  1. Science of Breath

  2. Breath in daily life

  3. Breath Awareness

  4. Breathing with the diaphragm

  5. The complete breath

  6. Agni-sara

  7. Nadi Shodhanam

  8. Ujjayi Pranayama

  9. Bandhas

  10. Deepening the Pranayama Practice


  1. Introduction to Yoga Nidra

  2. Point-to-point relaxation


  1. Understanding the Mind

  2. How to Meditate

  3. Meditative Postures

  4. Meditation on Senses

  5. So-ham

Art of Teaching

In this session you will learn how to read the body types and give verbal and physical adjustment accordingly and how to modify and give variation with use of props.

  1. Physical cues and adjustments

  2. Posture modifications and variations.

  3. Use of Props

  4. Voice and language

  5. Instructing Asanas

Art of Sequencing a Class

In this session you will learn how to plan your first class and organise the classroom. you understand the basic structure of yoga class and find your own style to make it uniquely yours.

  1. Principles of Sequencing

  2. Planning Peak Posture based Classes

  3. Creating your Class

  4. Organising your Class

  5. Working with Injuries