We are committed to starting and ending classes on time. However, we do have a strict 10min grace. After this grace period, students would not be allowed into class. This policy honors safety in the studio.

We thank you for your understanding in our efforts to make the studio more enjoyable and conducive to your yoga practice.



  • Memberships are final sale and non-transferable.

  • No refunds or exchanges are available.



We are aware of your busy schedule however if you are unable to make it for class, do cancel in advance so we can let others who are keen on joining have the mat. Please take a look at our class cancellation policy:

1.     Cancellation of class 2 hours in advance before the class time will be deemed as Early Cancellation which is allowed and will not be charged.

2.     Cancellation of class less than 2 hours before the class time will be deemed as Late Cancellation which will be charged as if you have attended the class.

3.     No Show is deemed as Late Cancellation which will be charged as if you have attended the class.

4.     2 or more cumulative late cancellations and/or no-shows over a consecutive 30 day period will result in your booking privileges being revoked for 2 weeks for first-time offenders; thereafter, advance booking will not be allowed for one month. Your class attendance restricted to in-person walk-in to the studio.



  • Make a reservation before coming to class.

  • Arrive at least 10mins earlier than scheduled class to settle in.

  • If you are late but within the 10 min grace, wait outside the class until the instructor has indicated that you may enter.

  • Stow your personal items in the lockers.

  • Strictly no mobile phones in class – set the phone to silent and stow in the locker.

  • Introduce yourself to your teacher. Introduce yourself to other students. This supports your yoga practice and builds friendships and community.

  • Please stay through Savasana. If you must leave early, please inform the teacher before class that you need to leave early.

  • Return props to their designated space.