Our Teachers

In Align Studio we believe everyone is different and no style is perfect. That's why we offer varieties of classes so that you can maximize your progress in a short time possible.
We believe a good practice should be systematic, progressive and safe yet fun. By understanding the bio-mechanics of your own body type one can maximize the outcome of practice while minimizing the potential injuries that can happen. We are excited to serve you to our best capacity and hope to build a community together of awesome yogis who can inspire and help each other to find that one goal we all have.



Born and raised in the foothills of the Himalayas, Gajju comes from a family of yogis. Precision (alignment) in postures and movement-with-breath are the cornerstones of Gajju's teaching. His classes are flowing and challenging, with an underlying focus on practicing safely and mindfully.

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An energizer bunny, Denise enjoys teaching fun and energetic classes that get people laughing, as she believes a class is not completed if you never allow yourself to let go and enjoy the process. A strong believer of mindfulness, you know you are in safe hands while having fun whether on the ground or upside down!

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Apple (Trainee)

Apple started yoga in early 2018 and got herself addicted to the practice. In yoga, she’ve always logged for the progression in body awareness. She is a firm believer of practice in balance between strength and flexibility. Apple enjoys teaching stretch, arm-balance and inversion.

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Doreen (Trainee)

Doreen found her passion and freedom in yoga when she was at a crossroad in her personal life. She loves how the practice liberates her soul and teaches her to accept what she cannot change and let go of the emotions and thoughts that imprison her. She loves a good practice that involves power, flow and inversion. You can expect her classes to be fun and playful, yet challenging and mindful.

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Gabi (Trainee)

Gabi is a strong believer of Yoga as a holistic practice integrating and strengthening the body-mind connection. Her classes are characterised by mindful movement always referring back to the breath as our primary guide. Pranayama and meditation have a fixed place in her classes supplementing a deep physical experience. Gabi is skilled in advancing students individually by applying thorough yet gentle adjustments during postures as well as using props to guarantee a safe and restoring yoga practice.

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