1. Foundation - Malasana
Practice Malasana(Garland Pose) to prepare hip(flexion) joints.

2. Adductor Activation
Engage Inner thighs (Adductor muscles) by sqeezing your legs towards your spine.

3. Core Integration
Integrate your core by pulling your lower abdomen toward your spine and up toward your heart.

4. Shoulder Protraction
Spread your shoulder blades apart (shoulder protraction) while pressing your hands into your mat.

5. Leaning Forward
Shift your body weight forward onto your hands while keeping fixed gaze at one poing in front of you. Find a point where you feel your feet are lighter on your mat. Body weight distribution helps be more efficient so you will have to use least amount of strength to take that liftoff.

6. Take the Lift.
Bakasana may feel challenging in the beginning of your arm balancing journey but over time by working on these foundation mentioned above you will be able to develop the strength and confidence require you to take that first lift :)

gajendra badwal